• Let's Pledge together to
    plant more trees

  • Make a difference for people
    who needs it the most

  • Make future more greener
    and fresher with today's contribution

Our Mission

The keystone 250 Million Trees partnership in acollaborative effort of national, regional, state and local agencies, conservation organizations, outdoor enthusiasts, businesses, and citizens committed to improving India's communities, economy, and ecology by planting 250 Million Trees.

We are not able to achieve cent percent literacy. Even now 35 percent people remain illiterate. In India, the number of illiterates is almost one-third of the total illiterates in the world. Advanced countries are 100% literate; the position in India is quite dismal.

The keystone is to start the work at the bottom level in India aims to make a skilled workforce.

Every year 40 Million people in India are effected by waterbrone diseases due to contamination of water by bacteria (E coil, Shigella, Vibrio cholerae), viruses (HepatitisA, polio virus, rota virus) and parasites (E.histolytica, Glardia, hook worm).

The keystone is to installed 10 million Eco-friendly water filter system for clean, healthy and environmentally friendly drinking water.

About Us

Who We Are

Udyat is a non-governmental organization that promotes quality health care, initiates and fosters new developments and implementation . It was established as a charitable organization to supporting the needy in Delhi, India in 2012. The Society aims to support the Health Programme’s, Excellent education for every child, Environmental protection and Skill development activities in India

Take Action


Donate for our nobel cause of health, Education, Environment & skill development and help us in achieving our mission at the earliest.

Start a Career

Udyat aims to attract and retain the highly talented workforce, who can help to achieve its mission.Udyat is an equal opportunity and diversity promoting employer.


Udyat Foundation runs many campaigns on pertinent social issues to generate awareness, and garner funds in an effort to overcome poverty and empower women.

Corporate Partnership

We aim to empower women and girls from marginalised communities which will lead to sustainable positive changes in their lives and livelihoods.

Change Lives With Your Gift

Giving a donation to Donatics can help us to reach more children transform their lives for the better.

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

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